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Bibendum has teamed up with winemaking guru Jean-Marc Lafage to unlock the amazing vinous potential that can be discovered on both sides of the Pyrenees - that dramatically beautiful natural frontier where the France of today meets modern Spain.

The mountains exert a strong and widespread climatic influence on the surrounding areas, and are home to a rich, varied and unique culture of language, cuisine, and (lucky for us) old, indigenous vines!

This project includes a vibrantly pithy Picpoul; a rich, smoky, velvety red from the dynamic Agly Valley; a pair of old vine wines from the historic Catalan region of Emporda, where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean; and two delicious Garnachas from the beautiful, high altitude vineyards of Calatayud. And don't forget to conclude your Pyrenean tour with our three stunning Vins Doux Naturels from Roussillon.


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