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The history of Chateau Lagrezette goes back to the 12th century. At that time, the site was a medieval fortress.

In the 16th century, Marguerite de Massaut, a granddaughter of Adhémar, became the first woman owner of the domaine. Her surname Dame Honneur is now given to one of the Chateau's most prestigious wines.

The first vines, a malbec varietal, were planted. In 1503, when she married Pierre de Maffre, the first records of the wine harvest appeared.

Cahors wines were very successful at that time: they were often served to royalty and François 1st was their best ambassador. Successive families owned the château and enabled the domaine to survive over the centuries.

However, when Alain Dominique Perrin rediscovered it in 1980 it had been badly neglected since the 1930s. But it was love at first sight! He bought the domaine and began a passionate restoration of the château and gardens.

He also returned the domaine to its intended use, wine production: the original malbec varietal was found and planted once again on the slopes of the Lagrezette.

After 12 years of major building work and another 10 years of finishing, the magic worked...

In 1982 the Chateau Lagrézette was classified as a historical monument and today it stands proud and magnificent amid its vines: a domaine of 90 hectares that gives the château wines their nobility.