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The first mention of the property Quinta dos Murcas dates back to 1770. However, it is known that the farm had existed under another name since 1714, when it belonged to Antonio Cardoso de Vasconcelos.

It is presumed that the name Quinta dos Murcas was given as a reference to the nobleman of the royal household, Miguel Carlos Cardoso de Sousa de Morais Colmeeiro Teles e Tavora, First-Captain of the town of Murca and owner of Murcas since 1756.

Despite numerous references to the quality of Quinta dos Murcas' wines, the fact is that the vineyards were constantly neglected with the farm passing from family to family and from company to company until 1943, when Manuel Pinto de Azevedo took over the running of the quinta, renovating the estate and replanting the vineyards.

Under the guidance of the committed agronomist Jose de Freitas Sampaio, Quinta dos Murcas was totally transformed, establishing the first vinha ao alto (vertically-trained vines) in Douro in 1955, as well as the first auto-vinification system used in the region, in addition to a new warehouse and winery.

Quinta dos Murcas remained in the hands of the family until 2008, when the Esporao Group acquired the property from Manuel Pinto de Azevedo’s great-grandchildren, taking over the running of one of the most interesting estates in Cima Corgo.


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