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Wine has been made at the Castillo Perelada since the Middle Ages, as shown in several documents and parchments from the period to be found in the library.

When Miguel Mateu bought this ensemble of monuments in 1923, one of his primary objectives was to revitalize the wine producing tradition, a tradition that is more alive than ever these days and which has incorporated the most modern technology to create wines that make full use of the nuances of the soils and vines of the Empordà.

It was in Peralada that Don Miguel discovered and fell in love with the world of wine. Discovering the old wine cellar underneath the cloisters, where wine had been made since the fourteenth century, he decided to start to make wine. In time, his son-in-law Arturo Suqué gradually took over a business that is today lead by his grandson Javier Suqué Mateu.

He died in 1972 but his legacy remains alive in the patrimony left behind in Peralada and the memories of all of those who knew him.