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The winery is named after a 19th century historic windmill located on the property near the cantina. However, the viticultural history of the property is much older: the vineyards at Il Molino di Grace have been fruitful for over 350 years.

When Frank Grace first purchased the property in 1995, there was no winery: all the grapes were sold to local producers.

Using the site of a ruined barn, Grace, together with winery manager Gerhard Hirmer, designed and built a state of the art winery. The winery opened its doors in 1999 and today, all of our wines are estate produced and bottled using organic materials and sustainable practices in both the vineyard and cantina.

Just south of Panzano are the 100 acres of planted vineyards that comprise il Molino di Grace. The soil composition is Galestro, a combination of marl and limestone. The vineyards have different ages: vineyards already existing when the winery was founded are on average 25 years old. 15% of the vineyards have been replanted (the youngest used in the production of wine).

The dominant variety is Sangiovese, with other varietals being mostly Merlot. The density in the older vineyards is around 3,000 plants per hectare (1,210 per acre). The Gratius vineyard is the oldest - at almost 60 years - and at the highest elevation (about 450m).