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Piedmont in the early decades of the 1800s was a forge of ideas and facts.

In the small Savoy kingdom all of the yearnings of Italian and European civil liberties converged together with the enthusiasm of the industrial revolution.

In the time of King Carlo Alberto these tensions were on the surface; on one hand the civil and commercial innovations were making Piedmont the most advanced state of Europe, on the other hand, the social principles found fertile support in the Masonic and esoteric movements that made Turin the capital of the world in Magic and Alchemy.

The ritual of Vermouth, before meals, was the moment when all the innovative ferment met with force, moderation and balance.

People would meet in chocolate shops, cafes, restaurants or piolas (wineries where food was served), in salons, and it was a time when they would discuss, with elegant manners, about politics, economics and spiritual values finding their alchemical fusion that was the matrix and origin of the liberal movement that wanted to free mankind and the peoples free, making them noble; a spirit that, still today, moves through the lands of Piedmont and permeates our Carlo Alberto Vermouth Reserve.