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The history of distillery 'Onder de Boompjes' dates back to the year 1658 when the Steffelear family began the production of genever (Dutch Gin) and Korenwijn (grain wine). In those days the family operated from Leiden, a town similar to Schiedamsmall distillery is situated along the river 'De Schie' and dates back to 1658.

The second generation moved to Schiedamas this town produced the vast amount of malt wines, an essential ingredient for genever. As the distillery didn't find follow up in new generations wanting to take over, it changed ownership a few times in those 400 years. Today back in Schiedamcurrently privately held by Jean Paul Batenburg it recreates those perfect distillates

'Onder de Boompjes' has revived this tradition of small batch production they now produce their own maltwines for use in the making of their Genever's (Jenver), all the processes are managed by the small team.