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Dzama (pronounced “zama”) Rhumwas started in 1980 by Mr. Lucien Fohine, and his Malagasy wife, on the island of Nosy Be off the northern shore of Madagascar.

They had built a Scotch Whiskey bottling business, and decided that the resulting empty barrels would be perfect for the ageing of rum.

Different lots of cane are reserved for different rums and different strains of yeast are used for different rums depending on the desired end flavour profile.

The roots of the Ylang Ylang vine and other aromatic plants such as vanilla, clove, citrus, pepper, and others entangle with those of the sugar cane.

Molasses made from these will impart those flavour characteristics to the resulting rum that is distilled from it.

The volcanic soil of Nosy Be contributes essential mineral elements that, combined with the above other terroir influences, make the rums of the island very difficult, if not impossible to duplicate elsewhere.

All our old rums are aged in oak barrels coming from the Chivas distillery, who sends us whiskies in barrels for the local consumption in Madagascar.

When the barrels are emptied, they are then used for aging the rums along with Limousin oak barrels.