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In 1883 their family started moving west, from Italy to New York to California.

During this multi-generation journey, there has been one constant – the Scotto’s were making wine somewhere near the water.

Salvatore Scotto was a farmer, sailor and winemaker in Ischia, Italy, a small island west of Naples.

He taught his son Dominic two skills that eventually shaped his life, repairing boats and making wine.

Dominic became a ship’s caulker and moved his family to New York in 1903, where he and his crews traveled up and down the east coast repairing and building wooden sailing ships.

In between jobs he made wine for the family table and for his neighbors, which he sold in five gallon jugs from a horse drawn wagon.

When Prohibition ended, Dominic and his brothers opened one of Brooklyn’s first liquor stores; it’s still in business today under different ownership.


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