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Chateau Climens is regarded by many as the top estate of Barsac.

It lies just to the north of the tiny village of La Pinesse, situated on the highest plateau of the region.

This elevation is believed to contribute to the vineyards' drainage and the fabulous concentration of the wines, even in wet years.

It has had a number of owners over the centuries. In the 19th century it belonged to the Lacoste family, who made a wine called Chateau Climens-Lacoste.

In 1871 it was sold to Alfred Ribet, owner of Chateau Pexoto, which today is known as Chateau Sigalas-Rabaud. In 1885, Henri Gounouilhou took the reins.

He was the director of Bordeaux's most famous daily newspaper, Sud-Ouest, and it was he and his successors who did so much to raise the quality of Chateau Climens' wines and public awareness of the estate.