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1746 Eight generations have passed since Nicholas Chiquet planted his first vine in 1746s.

1919 Fernand and Gaston Chiquet –winemakers from the cradle – combine their talents to establish a winery. They are pioneers in Champagne: among the very first to grow their own grapes, produce their own champagne and market it under their own label, Chiquet Freres.

1923 Chiquet Freres wins its first medal at a competition in Paris, then its first gold medal in Epernay.

1935 Gaston Chiquet separates from his brother to create his own label.

1950 Gaston and his son, Claude, expand the family’s holdings into the regions of Ay and Hautvillers. Grapes from these vines increase the possibilities for blending the essential art of champagne.

2003 Antoine and Nicolas Chiquet's turn. These brothers assure continuity while respecting their ancestral rules: “Our goal is to maintain the quality we have inherited.” The techniques improve – the tradition endures.