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The grapes for Purple Angel come from Montes own vineyards in Apalta and Marchig�e located in Colchagua Valley. Aplata is arguably one of the finest sites for red wine grape growing in Chile. Vines in Apalta are planted on 45� slopes providing good exposure which helps achieve ripeness. As with other regions in Chile, the ocean plays a role even at 60km away, with cool breezes moderating this warm area. In addition, the low night temperatures in Apalta prolongs ripening allowing for the slow development and retention of varietal aromas and acidity. Marchig�e is slightly cooler because it is only 25km away from the ocean and receives regulating cool ocean breezes. In addition, Marchig�e is dry, lying in the rain shadow of the Costal Range with low fungal disease pressure resulting in consistently healthy harvests. All grapes are hand harvested.