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The Castle of Santenay is one of the largest wineries in Burgundy. This prestigious heritage, consisting of a Castle noted for its glazed roof tiles and a vineyard of 98 hectares, is the fruit of a secular legacy intimately linked to the history of the Burgundy wine region.

Philip the Bold, son of King of France Jean le Bon is the most illustrious owner of Chateau de Santenay. Brilliant politician, Philip the Bold opens a prestigious page in the history of Burgundy, and founded the Valois dynasty of Burgundy, who will reign over a century.

Made in the twentieth century, according to the inheritance and redemptions, the area brings together a mosaic of land located on the Gold Coast and the Cote Chalonnaise. With this diversity of "climates" - vineyard parcels designated - the winery produces a variety of wines including the nuances and subtlety are based on a unique geology.


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