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They created both the field in 1990 while Patrice was still manager and winemaker Daniel Rion domain (his father).

He took full independence in 2000 by building a new winery and creating the new company, SARL Patrice Rion.

His reputation dates from the 1980s when he propelled the family estate on the international scene. Research and innovation, whether in viticulture or oenology often gave him a head start (leaf area, screw caps ...)

Maxime joined the field in 2005 after his studies in oenology in Dijon.

Various masters courses in different regions, such as Meursault Gublin Nadine (FR), Hubert de BOUARD to St Emilion (FR) or Dr. Neil McCalum Martinborough (NZ) gave him a varied experience of wine, even if paternal analysis is obviously always welcome ...


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