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The company Ca 'dei Frati is known since 1782 as evidenced by a document that is used to refer 'to a house with a basement located in Lugana in Sermione said to take the place of Fratti.' It was in 1939 when Happy Dal Cero, the son of Domenico already grower in Montecchia Crosara, in Verona, he moved into that house, in Lugana di Sirmione sensing immediately the wine-growing area. After thirty years of work in the vineyard and in the cellar, in 1969, his son Peter took part in the birth of the DOC and started to bottle his first label Lugana House of the Friars. The new purchase Luxinum vineyard in Valpolicella is a return to origins, where it all began. Mutual respect, the union of the family, defined roles and the bond to its own territory, on the shores of Lake Garda, are the real strength of the Dal Cero family. The Ca 'dei Frati builds on the past and looks to the future through a process of research and development of what has been built in 70 years of wines.