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Le Soula produces wines of remarkable quality at high altitude in the Fenouillèdes region of the Roussillon, in the foothills of the Pyrénées.

Le Soula’s wines combine freshness and vitality, characteristics which stem from the soil and the climate :

The soil is granitic and poor. The climate is hard and extreme, combining the heat of the Southern sun with the cold and rain of the mountains, and the effects of the Tramontane wind. The key to Soula’s unique character is the terroir, but the commitment and energy of those involved in this enterprise is essential to put that character into the bottle.

Gérard Gauby, the Roussillon’s most highly respected vigneron, had become aware of the potential of vineyards at higher altitude to produce wines with real finesse. In 2001 he formed a partnership with his English wine importers, Roy Richards and Mark Walford, to create a new estate. In 2008, they were joined by Gérald Standley who now runs the vineyard and has become a partner in the enterprise.

The spirit of Soula lies with the respect that those involved have for the soil and what fills our glass...