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Lindeboom is a true family-brewery. The family tradition dates back to 1870, when Willem Geenen founded a small brewery next to the old linden tree that was planted there by one of the Geenen ancestors. At the time of the foundation of Lindeboom the village of Neer had three beer-breweries. At that time there were hundreds of small breweries in the Netherlands that sold their beers locally or regionally. Most of them disappeared throughout the years. But not Lindeboom!

Now, 140 years later, Lindeboom is one of the few independent family-breweries in the Netherlands. Lindeboom still proudly brews for the people of its region. The first brew of founder Willem Geenen was a strong regional beer that he called "Geenens Beer". The name soon changed to Lindeboom.

In 1912 the second generation, Bernard and Christien Geenen, introduced the first pilsener or lager. The third generation, Willem Geenen, laid the fundaments for the brewery as it stands today. In the Seventies of the last century his sons Ben and Willem took over. They continued to modernize as their father had done before them.

You can taste the rich family tradition, the best ingredients and the love for brewing in every glass of Lindeboom!