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Spirit Masters is a family run English Micro-distillery, one of the smallest in the world, it is based near Newmarket, UK.

Both Alan and Amanda are scientists by background, with Alan having a PhD in Biochemistry and Amanda qualified in Biomedical Science. Amanda passed the WSET Level 2 in Spirits and level 2 in Wine and Spirits and is trained in food safety for manufacturing and HACCP.

After moving to their dream home, a thatched cottage in a lovely village set in the countryside of the Cambridge / Suffolk borders 3 years ago; they quickly realised this area of the country has many well kept secrets, inspirational people, with inspirational businesses; tucked away where you least expect them - it invites you in inspiring you to become part of it, so let their story begin.

Alan has been Home Brewing as a hobby for 20 years , and has a strong interest in the technical aspects of a 'good brew' - that being said it has been an evolution through many stages before the products reached their current standard! This passion continued when they moved to Cambridge and Alan and some of the other villager's regularly met to home brew with whatever is available seasonally. They are also fortunate that the village has an apple press and there are regular meets for people to press apples from the village and make our own cider.

They always wanted to set up their our own family business; after much research they realised it may be possible to become licensed distillers in the UK and set up a micro-distillery. This type of business is now very much alive again in the UK a kind of revolution.

They are both experienced scientists with a strong understanding of the requirements for this type of business. After a long approval process, they were licensed to distil in January 2013, this was swiftly followed by us receiving approval for the distillery itself in the studio in their garden - they are so very grateful for the amazing support and trust that the people in the village have shown them.