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Located next to Bassenthwaite Lake in The Lake District National Park, the team have renovated an 1850s Victorian Model Farm to be home of The Lakes Distillery and our world class spirits.

Model farms were designed to be beautiful as well as functional - their buildings are certainly beautiful and ideally suited to their needs. Each one has been carefully and sympathetically adapted, preserving the character and history of the old, stone-built barns and sheds.

The main barn houses the mash house and still house, with unique stills, carefully designed to produce spirits. An old cattle shed has been converted into a warehouse, with further cattle sheds being transformed into a shop, bistro and bar. Lakes Distillery think that Jos Christopherson, who farmed here in the 1850s, would have approved. Perhaps he even had an illicit still at the farm?

A lot of thought has gone into the production process at the distillery to ensure they produce a malt whisky of outstanding quality and one of the finest gins and vodka available in the UK.

The plant has been carefully designed to the highest specification, and the copper stills have been made to unique designs, on a small artisan scale, meaning the distillery can lovingly produce spirits without the need of mass production!