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The flavour profile of Peter Spanton's brand are unique in the market. They are the result of Peter’s passion for mixing and blending the best ingredients to create flavours that surprise and entertain the palate of the discerning adult drinker.

Peter developed his recipes and the brand after selling the legendary Vic Naylor's bar in Clerkenwell, London and began bottling the drinks on a small scale in 2010.

Peter Spanton Drinks have created a brand that reflects our notion of something “Beyond Ordinary.” Their drinks are preferred by those who are looking for something a bit different, signified by their hare, a mischievous mascot, a flaneur, observing society and filled with a certain ennui for the world. He gives Spanton's customers a touch of the unknown, a tantalising glimpse of that for which they search. Customers search for the ineffable satisfaction of the drink that is just right. There is something indefinable that their mixers add to make a drink perfect.