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Inspired by the journeys of the Lowlanders to faraway lands, Lowlander Beer brews with botanicals to create unique beers full of both character and flavour.

In years gone by fearless Dutch sailors traversed the globe returning to their homelands armed with sacks of sumptuous booty. Their treasure? An impressive assortment of fragrant herbs, aromatic spices and fruits which found their way into the 'lowlander's' beer. Before long, popularity of these unique blends soared and the art of beer-making was exported from the Netherlands across the globe. Sadly, by the 19th century Dutch beer had lost its distinctive flavour and the history was all but forgotten.

A passion for rediscovering the lowlands forgotten brewing heritage combined with a love of gin and genever (and a subsequent curiosity for botanicals) are all at the heart of lowlander beer. The team at Lowlander want to create great tasting beers which are full of both character and flavour.