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The Jarrons family, have farmed the land at Hatton of Ogilvy farm since 1910. In the early years workhorses were crucial for cultivation, until new methods and machinery arrived, but cattle and crops have been raised throughout their family’s tenure.

Sustainability has also always been present at Ogilvy Farm, where they never neglect the past, but are equipped for the future.

The advent of solar panels offers a case in point; a green means of powering old-fashioned farming values as well as a new micro-distillery.

The conceptual seed for Ogilvy potato vodka was sown some years ago amid thoughts of diversification and a desire to pursue something new.

One winter’s night, Graeme started researching potato vodka, which eventually led to a call to the brewing and distilling boffins at Heriot-Watt University. Before too long, the Ogilvy Farm tattie trials were underway.