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In 1601 five ships left London on a voyage to the Spice Islands, laden only with six letters of introduction from Queen Elizabeth I herself. Each letter had a space for the name of the local King - but the ships brought far more than formalities back to British shores.

This pioneering adventure was only the beginning of the legacy of The Honourable East India Company. Over the following years an international bridge was forged between trade and cultures, and previously unheard of goods became available to the Elizabethan people.

Amidst all this excitement, rare and exotic botanicals such as pepper and cocoa beans started to arrive on East India Company ships. These were influential in the development of London Dry gin, a style that does not have to be produced in London, but must not have anything added to it following distillation process.

In 2016, four hundred and sixteen years after its birth, The East India Company launched its very own London Dry gin. This London Dry is distilled at Thames Distillers and contains 12 botanicals including long pepper, sweet orange and amchur powder.


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