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The name Three Cents comes from the great Depression era when soda bars were in existence. At soda fountains people would order plain carbonated water as ‘Two Cents Plain” as it was the cheapest drink one could buy. When flavoured syrup was added, like vanilla, cherry or sarsaparilla, the total cost would be Three Cents.

There were difficulties developing the product range as only fresh ingredients were to be used, and bottling had to be at the highest possible pressure, to create the greatest amount of bubbles, and definitely no preservatives.

This brought the Three Cents team of four a lot of challenges especially with the volumes they had in mind. There were thoughts that they would end up selling a product just to their friend's bars, and not in their wildest dreams and after only two years could they have imagined that they would be selling 100,000 cases, and exporting to 20 countries by the end of 2016.

"The producer was very sceptical of all this but we ended up being trusted."

The Range:

Pink Grapefruit Soda was crafted for making the original Paloma (i.e the Dove), Mexico's national drink. Three Cents embodied the unique aroma and flavour of fresh pink grapefruits in a supreme beverage. Only by using fresh fruits, a first-class soda is created, distinguished for its intense and complex aroma that stands out in cocktails and long drinks. The pink grapefruits were distilled to achieve the desired result. No juice is used, just the skins, as the juice will affect both carbonation and flavour. With juice, it has to be pasteurised and this gives a poor aromas and you would have to use preservatives.

The Tonic is bitter and has little to no lemon flavour that helps to bring out the flavours of today's complex gins.

The Aegean tonic helps you, as you don’t have to prepare basil or cucumber as they are already steam-distilled and the hydrosols used.

Three Cents Ginger Beer is spicy and dry so you can add things to your drink without making it too sweet, plus you can use a little of it and the drink would still be gingery.

Gentleman's Soda embodies the freshness and complexity of Mediterranean citrus in one extraordinary soda. Aromatic bergamots and zesty mandarins, two of the most exiting Mediterranean citrus fruits with intense and complex aromas. Their combination results in the precious Three Cents Gentlemen’s Soda.

It’s been 2 years since the successful launch of Three Cents Artisanal beverages in the European market in 2015 followed by the successful launch of Three Cents Aegean Tonic, which was nominated for Best European product in Berlin’s prestigious Mixology Awards.

The Three Cents founders are bartenders George Bagos, George Tsirikos, Dimitris Dafopoulos and Vasilis Kalantzis, the instigator and founding cornerstone of Three Cents.


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