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Sekforde is a range of original bespoke botanical mixers for whiskey, rum and gin. Created by husband and wife Tom and Talula, they are the first mixers individually designed to complement and unlock the flavours in these spirits.

Easy to serve and bespoke to each spirit, our mixers are uniquely designed to enhance and unlock each spirit’s own special flavours, creating a refreshing long drink in seconds. For whiskey and rum they give you a totally new way to enjoy spirits, a refreshing serve that’s perfect when you want to enjoy the flavours of whiskey and rum but on the rocks is a bit punchy. For gin it offers an alternative to tonic, a more delicate flavour without the quinine. ​ The mixers use a subtle, balanced blend of natural botanicals in gently carbonated English spring water. They contain under half the sugar found in conventional tonics or other soft drinks.

100% natural, each 200ml serve is under 40 calories, and contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.


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