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Herno Gin has been named the world’s best gin for a gin and tonic by the world’s foremost competition in alcoholic beverages, International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC).

Herno Gin has a fantastic history of great achievements at the IWSC. Only the last year Herno Gin Distillery was awarded Boutique Distiller of the Year, the Contemporary Gin Trophy and two Gold Outstanding. At this year’s competition Herno Gin was awarded the prestigious GIN & TONIC TROPHY as well as a Gold Outstanding, a Gold medal and five more medals. The International Wine and Spirits Competition is the largest and most prestigious spirits competition in the world with entries from 90 countries.

In the gin category the competition received submissions from 150 distilleries world wide. The competition has 400 global experts judging the products and each sample is judged according to its class and treated with the same care and consideration. For the Gin and Tonic category all gins were mixed with Fever-Tree Tonic, without ice or garnish. Herno Gin has been the most awarded gin in Europe for the last three years running, with 40+ international Master and Gold Medals. To add to this impressive collection, it was recently awarded the Boutique Distillery of the Year and the Contemporary Gin Trophy at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2015 (IWSC) as well as two further Gold Outstanding awards.

Worlds best bars report. The report tells the habits and cocktail trends of the best bars in the world, voted by more than 400 professional bartenders. Herno Gin is by the world’s 50 best bar ranked at a TOP TRENDING SPIRITS BRAND (all spirits categories) and TOP TRENDING GIN BRAND. Truly amazing!

It all started back in 1999 when Jon Hillgren went to London together with a few friends to start working as bartenders. He quickly discovered gin and instantly fell in love with it. During the years that followed, his passion for the drink evolved into gin crafting, and after copious amounts of gin tasting, academic studies and technical visits to distilleries around the world, Jon finally founded the Herno Gin Distillery in 2011. At the time it was Sweden’s first dedicated gin distillery and the world’s northernmost gin distillery. As testament to Jon’s dedication and passion for creating beautiful gin, Hernö was recently crowned the Gin Grand Master for the 2nd time.

The distillery is located in the village of Dala just outside the City of Harnosand in Angermanland, Sweden. All part of the UNESCO world heritage area called The High Coast, it is an area of real natural beauty. Jon takes inspiration from this beauty to create a truly organic, artisan gin with the finest botanicals. To stay true to its Swedish heritage, the distillery is built in a traditional Swedish manor in wood painted in red and white. British Airways’s in-flight magazine ‘Highlife’ describes it as the best distillery in the world to taste gin.


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