Mayfield Distilling Company

The dramatic label found on the Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin label depicts the story of St. Dunstan & The Devil, an epic event, which as the story goes, happened in the 10th century in Mayfield village, East Sussex. The story illustration is accompanied by a short poem describing St. Dunstan’s encounter with The Devil, with the original tongs from the story still on display in his old Sussex home, now the Mayfield Girls School.

“Saint Dunstan, as the story goes, once pull'd the Devil by the nose.… with red-hot tongs which him roar…that he was heard, three miles or more.”

St. Dunstan has been known to have had a number of encounters with the Devil, with a lot of the stories based in Mayfield Village and the surrounding areas of Sussex. Reminders of St. Dunstan and The Devil story can be found all throughout the historic, picturesque village of Mayfield. Sussex is not only known for its Folklore Tales but its rich history in hop farming, which is why Mayfield Gins signature botanical is Sussex Hop. Found in a local hedgerow in E.Sussex, Sussex Hop is now an approved variety, noted for its high citrus character, it makes the perfect botanical to be used in gin.