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Diren Wines have won many certificates and medals in the national and international competitions up to now, put Tokat and Türkiye on the map and achieved Diren name to be written in the world’s wine literature. Wines produced from Narince grape of the region are mostly marketed abroad. The labels are renewed in 2006. Diren Wines which featured its DYREN signature for 48 years and grape origins on its new wine labels in a corporate integrity became signal of nice pleasure, nobility and elegance in the Turkish Winemaking with its studies in style of leaf and embossing used in its designs as well as the simplicity they created on its labels. Thus, its feature of quality wine has reflected to outer appearance of wines. Diren Wines including Karmen Selection, Dörtnal Selection, Karmen, Dörtnal, Kalecik, Vadi, Lökal and Mahlep which received full points from tasters with its color, aroma and bouquet. For long years it has attracted admiration of wine lovers with its renewed labels.