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Few drinks can trace their ancestry back as far as Irish Mist - more than 1000 years in fact. That's when the chieftains and nobles of Ireland's earliest clans first drank their 'Heather wine', flavoured with honey, herbs and spices.

By all accounts the tradition continued right through to the 17th century when the Irish aristocracy fled to the continent after their defeat at the Battle of Kinsale in 1601, to be followed in subsequent years by a number of their countrymen. With the 'Flight of the Wild Geese', as it became known, went the knowledge of how to make that heather wine. And so it was - until the mid 1940's when a refugee from war-torn Austria arrived in Tullamore, Ireland with a recipe that had been passed down through his family for generations. Delivered to the owner of the Tullamore Irish whiskey distillery it led, eventually, to the creation of Irish Mist in its modern form.

The first bottles of Irish Mist left the distillery in 1947 - a well balanced combination of herbs and honey with Irish whiskey and other spirits. It's taste was sophisticated with a touch of sweetness, exactly as we know it today. While the liqueur has remained the same, the bottle has changed over the years from its original short, squat shape in brown glass to today's elegant, clear bottle that lets the glory of the blender's skill shine through.

The latest change, introduced in 2001, remains true to Irish Mist's culture and roots - featuring distinctively Irish graphics that can be found in much of the country's arts, crafts and fashions today.


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