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In 1938, two tradition-rich families, Ferrer de Morais and Condido Carneiro, teamed up and started jointly manufacturing this top-quality sugar-cane distillate in Northeastern Brazil.

Right after the first taste-test, they recognized that their drink had a rosy future ahead of it. In order to discuss how best to proceed, and, in particular, give their new drink a name, the heads of the families met one evening at the river separating their family estates while their children played together on the riverbank.

One of their favourite games was drawing pictures of things that they had just seen in the sand. The others had to guess what they had drawn. One of the children drew a picture of a 'PITU,' a species of fresh-water crab that is found only in that river and is very rare.

When the heads of the families saw the drawing, they immediately knew that 'PITU' was the ideal name for their drink.


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