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Hill's Absinth became popular during Word War II. Rationing was put into effect by the Nazi Regime but was based on the volume of liquid, rather than the strength of alcohol. People soon realized that they could buy Hill's Absinth and water it down. After the war ended, Absinth was still produced and sold along with many other familiar Hill's specialties until the communist regime shut the business down. Hill's Absinth was resurrected in the early 90's by the lobbying of an old fan from Besidce ve Slavonicich and at first only available there. Later the rock band, The Sugar Cubes discovered it and brought it home to Iceland where the word somehow spread to England. The hilarious Czech theatre group, Sklep (The Basement) spread Hill's Absinth to Prague where the drink is served in the classic Bohemian Way. The method involves (1.) using a spoon of sugar dipped into the Absinth then being (2.) set alit, letting the sugar caramelize to (3.) stir into the absinth with an (4.) equal amount of water to douse the flame. Hill's Absinth contains the psychoactive and essential ingredient, wormwood (artemisia ABSINTHIUM) that according to famous writers and artists (Oscar Wilde, an Gogh, Degas, Lautrec, to name only a few) inspired their work, affecting their minds in curious ways. Absinth effects every individual differently but people have experienced hallucinations, not being able to see to seeing things move, and still some have surreal, obscene dreams from the liqueur. Hills Absinth was the first modern Absinth available in the U.K.