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Dalwhinnie enjoys exclusive access to peat-soft water from the highest mountain source of any malt.

It is in a glen with the Monadhlaith Mountains on the one side, the Forest of Atholl, the Cairngorms and the Grampians to the other. Dalwhinnie is Gaelic for "meeting place" and the village stands at the junction of old cattle-droving routes from the west and north down to the markets of Crieff and Falkirk in the Central Lowlands.

At 327 metres above sea level, this is Scotland’s second highest distillery. It perches on a desolate, windswept, rain-lashed patch of wilderness.

Dalwhinnie is a barren and isolated spot and has to be completely self-contained. It has a special hostel for catering for staff when blizzards or torrents cut them off from their homes.

Dalwhinnie retains many of its original methods, using traditional wooden washbacks and only two copper stills.