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"All thanks to my Italian mother who prepared my favourite dessert, tiramisu, with two drops of amaretto," says Jean-Robert Bellanger, creator of Adriatico.

Thus, was born the story of ADRIATICO, a new generation of amaretto liqueur. 100% natural ingredients, Made Only in Italy, perfect as an aperitif and with the most elaborate cocktails. A liqueur rich in innovation, created by itself with high-quality products, using Apulian almonds exclusively. Known for its excellent taste, the "Filippo Cea" almond is now being used through a revolutionary process. Hand-picked in the Apulian countryside, almonds are roasted for hours before undergoing a macerated and distilling process. They are then combined with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and a pinch of coffee. Cane sugar is used to a lesser extent than a traditional amaretto (2x less). Finally, a pinch of saline salt from Margherita di Savoia brings a delicate touch, which in turn evokes the ADRIATIC sea.

The crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, illuminated by the warm golden rays of the sun, surround this splendid and still preserved landscape of Puglia. These are the colours found on the bottle label. The logo, in turn, has two emblematic symbols of Puglia: the first is the “trullo”, the famous Apulian dry stone hut that resembles an almond and treasure of local agriculture. Secondly, the shape of the bottle is cylindrical and inspired by the medieval architecture of Castel del Monte. Similar to the castle, the golden ratio was used in the design of the bottle to obtain a so-called "divine" ergonomics.

Amaretto ADRIATICO, just introduced to the world of liqueurs, is finally updated as the new guise for an aperitivo. Using only natural products brings a much more floral touch that alone, or paired together with a ginger beer or tonic, will delight lovers of this rediscovered liqueur. An alternative to traditional Amaretto is the "Bianco (white) - Crushed Almond". This white liqueur has silky accents of chopped and soaked white almond creating a milk liqueur. Hence offering 2 options that complete the range.