Daddy Rack Whiskey Company

J.Arthur Rackham reveals the reason why he uses the Lincoln Country Process of filtration when crafting Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey.

The Lincoln County Process describes how the whiskey is filtered through sugar maple wood charcoal chips before going into casks for aging. While it was largely believed that at first inception of the Lincoln County Process, sugar maple wood was used to add sweetness. However, more likely, it was used because it was a readily available hardwood that had relatively few other uses in the early twentieth century.

Prior to 2019, little was known about the science behind the Lincoln County Process until the University of Tennessee partnered with Sugarlands Distilling Company on a presentation to the American Chemical Society. In their experiment (read more about their process here), the team found that the Lincoln County Process removed up to 30 percent of certain chemical compounds, congeners, found in unaged whiskey. This made the young whiskey smoother and more palatable, like you typically find in already aged whiskey. The removal of these compounds also contributes to the flavor of the whiskey as it ages in casks after filtration.

By filtering Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight whiskey using the Lincoln County Process once before and again before bottling, we are delivering an extra smooth and flavorful whiskey that is unlike anything else in your collection.