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In 1912, Georges Monin decided to set up as a liquor and syrup manufacturer in historic Bourges, once the capital of France. From the very beginning, he devoted his products exclusively to the professionals of the bar trade, restaurants, and gourmet retailers who were moved by his determination for outstanding quality which distinguished Monin from the standard brands. His slogan La Passion de la Qualite (Passion for Quality) became the Monin motto.

By the 1930s, Monin had become one of the leading fruit syrup brands on the domestic market. The company started to expand overseas; Morocco, Malta, Tunisia, the Caribbean Islands and West Africa, where the tropical fruit used in Monin syrups came from. Three generations later, Monin is the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of premium syrups, liqueurs, aperitifs, non-alcoholic cocktails and ice tea concentrates.

It is now acclaimed in over 85 countries worldwide, in Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Turkey, Africa and throughout North and South America. Monin-USA started in 1993, and three years later the production facility was opened in 1996 in Clearwater, Florida. It is here that all product is produced for supplying the Western Hemisphere. The raw materials come from France where they are naturally extracted. They are blended and bottled in Clearwater to yield the same high quality achieved in France for three generations.

In 1993 Monin was appointed Member of the prestigious International Bartenders Association (I.B.A.). Monin is the only brand of syrups to appear side by side with world-famous trade names in drinks and beverages.

In 1994 Monin was awarded the Grand Prize of European Excellence for perfection in production. In addition, in 1993 Monin participated in the International Cocktail Competition in Vienna, receiving several awards and reconfirmed its reputation for excellence by winning three gold medals during the 1996 International Cocktail Competition in Tokyo. Monin was used in the winning recipes of three official I.B.A. cocktails.

Today, Monin is the worlds largest and best-known producer of premium flavorings for beverage and culinary applications. With over 60 natural flavors, Monin provides the elements to serve creative, great tasting offerings for the on-premise operator. Recipes, point of sale merchandising materials and customized drink development are all available to help translate Monin flavors into profitable sales and satisfied guests.

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