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Tequila has a complex history dating back hundreds of years. This unique spirit has always been a source of Mexican pride, as a product that defines and celebrates our unique culture. Making premium tequila is an art. The process of crafting tequila is formidable and the quality-control restrictions imposed by Mexican law are rigorous. In fact, the primary ingredient of tequila can only be derived from one species of agave-the blue agave. This special plant grows primarily in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the site of our distillery, La Altena. Although not part of the cactus family, agave plants can grow nearly as large, measuring 5 to 8 feet tall at the leaves and 7 to 12 feet in diameter from tip to tip. During the harvest, the jimador farmers use sharp axes, called coas, to cut through the long and extremely sharp leaves of the plant to get to the sweet and juicy pina core. Tequila is either made from 100% agave or it is a mixto-a blend of agave with other additives like sugar-based syrups, or artificial flavors. Tequila aficionados prefer tequila made with 100% agave for its premium quality and taste, without any artificial additives. El Tesoro de Don Felipe Tequila is committed to making only 100% agave spirits, as they have done by hand for over 70 years.