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Fattori & Graney is one of those rare little jewels, a precious find tucked away in one of the least likely of locales: such is the inchoate pattern of viticulture which makes Italy so maddening and marvelous, all at the same time.

Nestled in the hills to the north-east of Verona in the Soave area, Antonio Fattori and his British-born wife, Sarah Graney, produce two dazzling, award-winning wines: Pinot Grigio and Soave. From the volcanic soils of Soave, this formidable team produces a Pinot Grigio that rivals the best of the Fruili/Alto Adige and a Soave that manages to impart real personality and expressiveness, rare commodities not normally associated with the vast majority of more commercial offerings from the Soave DOC.

Antonio and Sarah are an intelligent, hard working couple with a vision. Historically, Antonio's family has produced wine in the Soave area for a very long time, wine that was inevitably sold in bulk to neighboring estates to be bottled under someone else's name or blended into another estate's wine. The neighboring estates enjoyed great success, garnering numerous awards for their wine. Then, the light went on! Fattori and Graney realized that if their wine was good enough to win awards for other estates, it was certainly worthy of its own label.

Subsequently, Sarah and Antonio reconstructed their cellar and began devoting their time, talent and treasure to their own estate-bottled wines. Today, the production of the couple's 25-acre vineyard is bottled under the Fattori and Graney name. Moreover, Fattori is now vinifying wine for other Veronese producers in his new cellar. Plans are also under way for the production of a Recioto and perhaps, other Veronese classics as well. Well deserved recognition has come immediately to Fattori & Graney, most notably from the internationally acclaimed wine review "Gamberro Rosso", which awarded the couple's wine the much coveted "Due Bicchieri" (Two Glasses) award. Sarah and Antonio have proven once again that a dream, coupled with a little hard work, goes a long way. We suspect that we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from Fattori & Graney in the years to come, and you can say that you were there at the rising of this estate's star. Salute!


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