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In 1978, John Marris planted some of the first contract grown grapes in Marlborough, ultimately inspiring his son Brent to pursue a winemaking career and to become the first qualified winemaker from the region. In 1999, Brent's successful Wither Hills company was merged with his father's vineyard holdings to continue the family legacy.

The company has a significant 300 hectares of superb viticultural land nestled in the heart of the region's Wairau Valley. The Wairau Valley is the major grape growing area of Marlborough bordered by the landmark range of hills to the South - the Wither Hills. The vineyards flourish in free draining, silty alluvial loam over deep stony river deposits, providing a near perfect growing environment.

The combination of John's viticultural expertise with Brent's brand and winemaking skills is a powerful one that yields genuine rewards for those who appreciate premium wines.