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Casa Girelli was founded in Trentino three generations and almost a century ago. Quality and tradition have been handed down from father to child and today Stefano Girelli and his sister, Marina, are reaching the goals their ancestors set so long ago by becoming one of Italy's largest privately-owned wineries with an annual production of more than 1.5 million cases of which 92% is exported throughout Europe, the United States, the Far East and even Australasia. Giovanni Girelli acquired and cultivated the first Girelli vineyard at the turn of the century, and established the region's first organized winery in 1924. After the war in 1945, he built a larger, more modern winery in Trento where the Company has remained ever since. Giovanni's son, Renato, expanded business considerably by starting one of Italy's first subsidiary companies abroad, in Berlin, 1952, and opening up foreign markets. German sales for Girelli's inexpensive table wines increased by 40% each year and the Company became responsible for 35% of the total market share for almost a decade. Export spread to other foreign markets, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and the U.K. Renato's two children, Stefano and Marina, have since taken over the Company. They have made extensive investments to further upgrade the quality of the wines installing the most modern, technologically advanced equipment. Today Casa Girelli is undoubtedly one of Italy's most efficient wineries.