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Midori is unique - not many brands can boast an equally loyal following amongst fun-loving consumers as well as top bartenders who use Midori obsessively in ever adventurous cocktails.

Midori (20 percent abv) is the only stand-alone melon liqueur with an international reputation of quality, and is a strong consumer brand call that is distinct from any range product. Midori & lemonade, Midori & cranberry juice, and Midori & sparkling apple juice are the easy ways to go for bright colours and quenching flavours.

30 years on - Since its creation from the dance scene that grew from New York's Studio 54 club, Midori has embraced the world of clubs. Midori was invented by the international award-winning whisky to green tea group Suntory in 1978 and thrives as a modern day classic. Just as Saturday Night Fever never left us, Midori has proved to be a perennial crowd pleaser. Its premium production partners a honeydew melon liqueur base with a clear grain spirit.

Then it was discovered by the International Bartenders Guild when visiting Suntory in Japan. They adored Midori - meaning 'green' in Japanese - and Midori has since become a bartender's essential.

The awareness and popularity of Midori has soared, with bars naming it on menus, where it is often used in adventurous cocktails. This has led to a high level of brand calling at the bar for simple Midori mixes too.

Ordering a Midori & lemonade is as easy as a vodka & lemonade or gin & tonic - the customer knows it's going to be served fast. Since reducing its sugar content by 20 percent in 2008, the enhanced fragrant melon aroma offers more mixability and is sure to please consumers too.