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As he landed in the state of Cear in 1846 Dario Telles, a Portuguese man of keen foresight, brought along the secrets of the finest European distillations. After settling in the city of Maranguape, he set up a prosperous still which he baptized Ypioca.

It all started with a small ceramic alembic he had carried along from Portugal.

Although the second generation, led by captain Dario Borges Telles, introduced cast iron stills, processing was still entirely manual.

In 1929 Paulo Campos Telles took over and brought about important innovations such as bottling litres with a precision dropper and aging in balsamic barrels which allowed stocking for periods of over two years.

In1968 the fourth generation, under the guidance of Everardo Ferreira Telles, assumed control of the enterprise and brought about significant innovations and state of the art technology. This originated new additional establishments as well as a diversified range of products thus making Ypioca one of the most solid beverage companies in the country.

At the end of 1968 Ypioca's rate of production was 2.5 million litres/year. Today it's five modern industrial units are capable of producing 40 million litres/year thereby fulfilling the needs of the most demanding beverage markets both national and worldwide.

With more than a century and a half of existence, the Ypioca Group integrates a system of seven modern companies of medium load, generating 1.200 direct employment and more than 20.000 indirectly. All are involved in the production of a product of the highest quality, that is present in the national and international market.

In a constant search for excellence, the Ypioca Group modernised itself, acquiring machines of high technology and developing an integrated process, that allows total control of the production. From the selection of the raw material and planting to the industrialisation of packing -through the recycling of sub-products - has guaranteed the preservation of the environment, another concern of the Ypioca Group.

It is 4 generations, 155 years of work looking for quality. That's the reason, affectionately, Ypioca is called BRAZILIAN PASSION.

The Company has its own fields of sugar-cane production, where the most modern agricultural techniques are used.

Ypioca is the only Cachaca of Cearo, and one of the few in the country, found in all the great supermarkets, wholesalers, distributors and specialised houses throughout Brazil, being exported for several countries of Europe, United States and Japan.


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