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In the heart of the Aix-en-Provence countryside, the Liquoristerie de Provence has chosen the exciting task of reviving the aperitifs and liqueurs of Provence, in the spirit of the "mestres" (Provencal masters) of the past. Rediscovering their unique know-how, and faithfully following the methods passed down from generation to generation, we are again producing flavours and sensations that everyone thought were lost. Each plant is dried and then infused separately for a long time in a superfine alcohol, before gentle pressing. This draws out the inherent essence of the plants, which our distiller mixes according to his secret formulas, adapting these formulas each time. The steps that follow - blending, taste-testing, filtration, correct and adjustment - are meticulous and precise, but also demand intuition. And then, we let time take its course. In setting, the aromas of our liqueurs are released and the tastes balanced. You can discover this world of unique traditions by visiting our distillery: we will be happy to guide you through the mysteries of the aperitifs of Provence.
Authenticity, creativity and passion are watchwords for Marc Villac�que and Pascal Rolland, the partners at the head of the Liquoristerie de Provence. Marc Villacaque, oenologist, engineer, distiller and liqueur-maker for thirty years, has exceptional knowledge of the plants of Provence. Responding to his talent and experience, each plant yields its individual flavour as the master distiller draws out their inherent essences and combines them in proportions known to him alone, adjusting them at each production run to keep the balance just as he wants it. The aperitifs of Provence are ours again to enjoy. Pascal Rolland, a brand development specialist, is a man of passion and conviction. He leads the team, stimulating their skills and holding high the company's philosophy and values: ceaseless insistence on quality and sophistication, commitment, openness, a spirit of competition, a taste for achievement, and enthusiasm above all. Long before the first Pastis appeared in the 19th century, there were many different aniseed-flavoured aperitifs. The dry white anise aperitifs, called Anisettes, were compared with the bitter green ones that included Absinthe, the best known, which became a legend. When Absinthe, the "green genie", died out, the tradition of bitter anise aperitifs fell into oblivion, and connoisseurs still agree that they miss the particular subtlety and fresh taste of these drinks. Today, the Liquoristerie de Provence has recreated these rare flavours for contemporary tastes, and presents Versinthe and Aqualanca, two anise aperitifs that are quite different from their descendant, Pastis.