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Novare serbando. Renew but conserve. This has been the motto of the company since its earliest days, and it has had a profound influence on their strategic choices, the way they work, and our approach to their customers. Bernardino Branca, company founder, chose this maxim to epitomize his entrepreneurial instinct: ever open to the new, particularly the new opportunities created by the advance of technology and the development of publicity; yet mindful of tradition and the lessons of the past. This dichotomy came to the fore in the 1980s, with regard to the means and timescale of the restructuring rendered necessary by new conditions. Should the emphasis be on renew - abandoning, regretfully, their history and traditions, relinquishing outdated working practices - or on conserve, continuing in the old ways? In fact they followed Branca's precept. They adopted new technology and re organised. But they also made new use of Branc's heritage - their classic publicity material of old photographs and calendars illustrating the history of Italy fusing it with the new to create the Branca Museum. The Museum conducts the visitor on a fascinating journey through the company's past, re-evoking the aromas of the casks, showing in close-up the old instruments and tools, exhibiting the fin de siecle posters, and tracing innovations and developments in liqueur technology.


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