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The Reynac brand was launched in 1969 and was soon to become one of the major actors in supporting the identity of Pineau des Charentes in its own right. At the time in fact, Reynac was the brand that made the product known to a wide panel of consumers when previously, only the locals and the tourists who visited the Charentes region knew about it.

The Reynac denomination itself was created to reflect the 'AC' ending of extremely common regional place names (Cognac, Jarnac, Merignac, etc.). 'ac' stands for 'the property', the 'fief' and is of Celtic origin, bearing witness as to one of the many human groups who have populated the area throughout history.

'Rey' is another spelling for 'Roi', the French word for 'King', and was used to confer noble glamour to the product. In short, the name of Reynac could be translated as 'The King's Fief '.

Because it has been unceasingly well-positioned on the French market, Reynac always was the leader of Pineau brands.

From the early 70s until today, it has also been the chief Pineau exporter to Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA.