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Arcus AS is a leading Norwegian and Nordic spirit producer with subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Arcus AS was established on 1 January 1996, and has a rich history and many traditional products and brands from way back to the 19th century. We are also constantly developing new products to meet today's demands for quality and variety.

The company has for many decades been developing and selling famous Norwegian spirits brands to Vinmonopolet, duty free and the Horeca trade in Norway.

This position represents a great potential for profitable growth. The greatest potential lies in our brands such as the old aquavit brands Gammel Opland and Lysholm Linie, Braastad cognac and Vikingfjord vodka.

Arcus also represents international brands such as Label 5, Bardinet, Negrita, Buffalo Trace, Fireball, Glen Moray and Clontarf in Norway, and offers a wide range of products from all major spirits categories.


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