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Southbank Estate is a new venture established in 2000. It owns approximately 340 acres of vineyards. This high level of self-sufficiency enables it to control its grape quality and to focus on providing consistent ultra-premium wine at sustainable price points. Its principal vineyards are situated in both Hawkes Bay and Marlborough. These are the largest and most proven grape-growing regions of New Zealand. Southbank Estate produces predominantly for export markets, concentrating only on those varietals for which Hawkes Bay and Marlborough are renowned. Southbank prides itself on having the right people, the right land, modern wine practices and consumer-driven wine styles. The Right Land - Southbank Estate has carefully selected and acquired both bare land and mature vineyards in those regions that have established reputations for the varietals best suited to the terroir. In Marlborough it controls two estates. Terrace Road - A 40-acre block situated in the renowned Wairau Valley with a flat topography. The soils are alluvial in nature and consist of silt loams overlaying river gravels. These soil types are typical of those associated with the production of high-quality Sauvignon Blanc. The Confluence Vineyard - A 120-acre block situated west of Renwick in the upper Wairau Valley. This vineyard lies at the confluence of the Waihopai and Wairau Rivers. Soils are sandy silt loams on shingle with stones in the topsoil. It is predominantly planted with Sauvignon Blanc. Hawkes Bay is made up of three estates. Mere Rd and Omahu Rd - Situated in the renowned Gimblett Rd district, these three blocks combine 30 acres of gravels. The vineyards are planted with premium Syrah vines. Kereru Rd - This estate of approximately 150 acres is situated in Mangatahi and lies north of the beautiful Ngaruroro River. Its dominating features are the four large terraces overlooking significant river flats. The soils are made up of free-draining, stony ground with topsoil that becomes light and fluffy in the drying north-west winds that predominate in this region. This estate is planted in Bordeaux varieties and Pinot Noir. Plans have been developed for planting aromatics on the gravelly river flats. Southbank Estate has carefully chosen experienced leaders in viticulture, winemaking and wine marketing to create a market-driven culture and approach to best practice. Matthew Mitchell (Principal Winemaker) - His is an internationally recognised name; a New Zealander with considerable experience in different wine regions. John van der Linden (Principal Viticulturist) - Formerly with New Zealand's largest wine company, he has a wealth of experience in the regions where Southbank operates. Noel Scanlan (Chief Operating Officer) - He has 30 years' experience in the wine industry, including significant knowledge of marketing and distribution in markets outside New Zealand.


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