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Clement of Martinique introduces a connoisseur's reverie of premium white and sophisticated aged rums, specifically vintage and special cuvee acutees, created from finest time-honoured methods of fermenting pure sugar cane juice.

This method of production known as agricultural rum or rhum agricole (produced first in the late 19th century in the French West Indies), differs from that of the renowned faction of rum known as industrial rum (produced first in the 17th century in the Caribbean); wherein, alcohol results from the distillation of molasses - a residue of the sugar manufacture.

Homere Clement, a physician and member of the French parliament, purchased the Acajou Estate in 1887 and so began the production of Clement agricultural rum. The business became a passion for Charles, Homere's son, who took an interest in rum production methods and worked to attract rum purchasers visiting Martinique to the Habitation Clement Estate.

Today, the Estate is considered the Mecca of rum production in Martinique and is open to the public as it is said to embody the living heritage of Martinique.

In accordance with the austere guidelines of the Appellation d'Origine Controlle (AOC), Clement has been granted a certification of authenticity, ensuring that all rums comply with legal restrictions on cane varieties, accuracy of age rendered, yield and production zones. Inevitably premium in status, the Clement family of exquisite rums bestows a symphony of scents orchestrated by a natural alchemy between fresh high-quality cane sugar; age old distillation techniques, experienced Cellar Masters and tannin enriched oak casks, which are fundamental in conjuring intense aromas and enduring flavour.

In addition to the exquisite dark and vintage rums produced through long-standing traditions at Clement, a wide variety of white rums all certified with the Appellation d'Origine Controlle Martinique are produced according to the time-honoured methods of their founder Homere Clement.

After distillation in a Creole column, this natural white rum is allowed to rest for several long months. During this slow mellowing process, the rum's natural balance of flavours and fullness are optimized and enhanced with fine scents of white flowers and citrus fruits.