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Stroh is made from genuine overseas rum (sugar cane distillate) and is turned into a "spiced rum" (product category) by adding a small number of components after a secret, traditional recipe held by the Stroh family.

The original rum is not a barrel-aged rum. It is stored in casks for a period of up to 3 years. The "secret" components of the final product apart from rum are basically natural herbs and spices as well as a touch of vanilla.

The brand Stroh is over 170 years old. Stroh is well known in over 30 countries. Over 10 million bottles are sold every year. Stroh 80 has cult appeal, being ABV 80% VOL or 160 Proof! Stroh has an unmistakably unique aroma and flavour - Regarded by many as the finest dark Inlander rum.

For more than 170 years Stroh-branded spirits and liqueurs stand for outstanding quality and exceptional taste. In 1832 Sebastian Stroh started the unrivalled Austrian story of success. Ever since, Stroh is keeping pace and continues to surprise permanently with new, innovative products. Stroh clearly stands out from the regular range of "Inlander Rum" products simply by its unique aroma and is the one and only champion of its segment.

Quality does not stop at Austrian borders. Stroh is available in more than 30 countries, appreciated for it?s particular aroma and great taste. The brand Stroh represents Austrian art and quality of life.

Stroh simply stands for "The Spirit of Austria".


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