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Alex Calrton (the Founder of Funkin) spent the best part of the 90s living in Los Angeles, CA. Most days he enjoyed a bottled smoothie on his way to work. On returning to the UK in 1999 he decided to set up his own business making smoothies and selling them directly to offices in Soho, London. He delivered these from a Funkin branded smart car and had a loyal customer base by the summer of '99.

Within a year he was already supplying some of London’s finest eating and drinking venues. Funkin are delighted to still work with many of their original customers today over 16 years on.

In 2003, the now famous Funkin Pro fruit puree range was launched. Offering bartenders a 100% natural, delicious, quality and consistent product all year round. Five years later, the Funkin cocktail Mixer came to market offering consumers a way to recreate, quality and consistently great cocktails at home. Funkin products are now available in over 25 countries and counting.

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