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John Dewar was a crofter's son with big ideas. Instead of living out his life on the farm where he was raised, he went to work in his uncle's wine and spirit business in the city. While he was there, he dreamed of creating a Scotch whisky that would harmonise on the palate in a way no whisky ever had. In just a few years, he had fulfilled that vision -- founding the distillery which was to produce the heart of the world's best blend of Scotch whisky. But the real growth of the DEWAR'S brand began in the 1880s, when John's sons, John and Thomas, inherited the business from their father, and DEWAR'S became John Dewar & Sons. Together the brothers would form a partnership that would bring DEWAR'S international success. John Alexander's mission in life was to uphold the highest standards set by his father. He worked tirelessly to enhance the blend that was his father's legacy. His craftsmanship achieved a perfect balance -- a blended scotch whisky so perfectly smooth yet robust enough to seduce even the most discriminating palates away from the brandies and fine wines then in favour. John's lively younger brother, Tommy, with his natural flair for salesmanship, became a worldwide spokesperson for the brand. Everywhere he travelled, "Whisky Tom" was the talk of the town, with his flavourful scotch whisky, his wit and charm, and his groundbreaking advertising and publicity stunts. He became known for his Dewarisms: witty comments on life and business that are as relevant today as they were a century ago. John and Tommy made an unbeatable team. Different as they were in many ways, the two brothers shared the same entrepreneurial spirit, the same unswerving devotion to consistent quality and superiority in their scotch whisky, and the same commitment to the perfect balance of the blend. Together they built a heritage of innovation and excellence -- the driving force behind DEWAR'S to this day. John Dewar would have been proud.